MCM Sample Design

Multi chip modules are the cutting edge of "boards" design. Their pins density, routing complexity, and layers constructions are several times more complex then regular printed circuit boards. In addition, a special knowledge is required in the specifics of the three types of MCM technologies: MCM-C (Ceramics), MCM-D (Deposited thin films) and MCM-L (Layered). An extensive knowledge and experience has been developed at Largo, especially in the field of Cofired Ceramics MCM. Numerous modules have been designed in Alumina and Aluminum Nitride substrates, Using Thin film and Thick film technologies. The work is done in close cooperation with the foundry to assure optimal utilization of the manufacturing capabilities and to maximize yield.

The sample below is of a 4" x 2.6" Aluminum Nitride module, for military application, with a 21 layer construction. It incorporates extensive high speed design rules on a 5 mil line and 4 mil vias technology.

Multi Chip Module [81 KB]